Recruitment for Businesses 

The Hospitality Talent Group supports all types of hospitality businesses ranging from Restaurants, Coffee Houses and Hotels. Our mission is to add value to the industry and with the aftermath of the Pandemic and Brexit, we believe a growth in local talent is the way forward to rebuild the sector.

If you are a business looking for experienced staff or apprentices, we can offer you a unique, bespoke recruitment service tailored to your business. We work with a large talent pool of candidates and can match the ideal person to your role based on experience, knowledge and location. 

For more information on how our services can support you, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.  


If you are a hospitality professional or interested in getting into the sector, please get in touch with us attaching an updated CV here

Our training

Front of House

Join our Front of House Training Course, designed and tailored for career starters and professionals in the hospitality industry, aiming self-development and learning the path in becoming successful ambassadors for your establishment. You will be guided by the best General Managers, Restaurant Managers, and Front of House Managers from across London’s best and most acclaimed restaurants and hotels.


Join our Bartending Training Course, designed and tailored for bar amateurs, career starters and professionals, to gain, settle and organise their knowledge to follow a clear growing career path. You will be guided by our amazingly talented bar professionals and brand ambassadors from the most vibrant London bar background scenes.


Join our Sommelier Training Course, designed and tailored for anyone who wants to take the journey through the wine world. You will be guided and trained by our best sommelier team from around the world, qualified and very knowledgeable with decades of prestigious experience in the international wine scene.

Chef Academy

Join our Chef Academy Training Course, designed and tailored for all Chef levels by Santosh Shah, one of the most acclaimed and talented Chef, with over two decades of experience in the hospitality industry, and finalist in MasterChef Professionals 2020. Your journey to become the next generation of Professional Chefs starts here.